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Conversion of Digital Audio Tapes to Digital Media

Digital Audio Tapes (DATs) are 4mm (or 3.81mm) magnetic tape cassettes that store audio information in a digital manner. DATS are visually similar to compact audio cassettes, though approximately half the size, use thinner tapes, and can only be recorded on one side. Developed by Sony in 1987, DATs were quite popular in recording studios and were one of the first digital recording systems to become employed in archives in the late 1980s and 1990s due to their lossless encoding.

DMM offers fast and accurate tape conversions with minimal data loss. The data is extracted verified and loaded with the best equipment available by our experienced technicians. We can output to any desired format. 

Why Convert your Digital Audio Tapes to Digital Media?

  • Viewing and sharing memories can be a hassle.

    • Digital Memory Media will transform your boxed away musical memories into something that is readily available, wherever you are. We can make it easy for you to share all your music with the touch of a button.
  • They're fading faster than you think.

    • Audio tapes, cassettes, and records were never meant to last forever - chances are, they've already started degrading.
  • It's never been easier to digitize.

    • No need to label or organize any tapes, cassettes, or records. Send everything to us - we take care of all the work.
  • Discover memories you never knew you had.

    • Find amazing sounds you either forgot about or never knew existed - before it's too late.

How Our Process Works:

  • Audio cassettes are digitized using TEAC Double Auto Reverse Cassette Deck W-890R
  • Upon digitizing, all blank spots from the audio are removed, and then we equalize the audio to keep the frequencies equal.
  • Any noise in the audio is also removed, to provide smooth and enjoyable playback
  • We also boost the volume if necessary.
  • Once edited and digitized, the audio files are put onto either data CDs or audio CDs

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