Data Retrieval

Do you have vital documents on old storage devices? We’ve recovered photos, resumes, press-releases, memos and all manner of other data from old, obsolete Zip Drives and 3 1/2 Floppies. We only charge for successful retrievals, so there’s no downside to attempting it.

3 1/2 Inch Floppy Discs are a magnetic storage device and magnetic storage devices constantly degrade. The magnetic field in a Floppy Disc was only projected to be reliable for approximately 20 years. Many Floppy Discs have survived beyond their projected lifespan, but will still likely fail completely or become corrupted within the next decade. The safest option to preserve the data on them is to transfer them back to Digital Media.

While Disc-based Media are often a good choice of storage because of how relatively new they are and how user-friendly they are, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t susceptible to decay. Tests undertaken by the Library of Congress have determined there is great variability in Disc quality and their longevity. While DVDs fare better than CDs, they are still vulnerable to data loss or corruption from both physical damage and chemical degradation.

Our solution for data stored on Discs is simple: add redundancy. If you’re using Discs for storage, it’s likely because certain qualities of the Disc are beneficial in your context. Our technicians can copy data off your Discs to create Digital archives that can serve as a backup. None of the accessibility and ease-of-use of the Discs are lost, but in the event of their decay, a backup exists to create more Discs from, or to use in place of the Discs.

When archiving your material, you may find that, in addition to your Analog material (such as VHS Tapes, Slides, Photos and Film) that you also have a number of other storage devices with relevant material as well. Perhaps an SD, SDHC or Micro SD card from an Old Camera? Perhaps an old Digital Recorder used for interviews? Our technicians are experienced with retrieving data from all manner of storage devices. When converting your Analog media, consider whether there’s also Digital media that we can help you compile into your archive.