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  • Historical Video and Audio Clippings

    Historical Video and Audio Clippings

    We utilize the latest technologies to digitally convert historic content which exists on VHS, Hi8, Mini DVs, Beta Max, 8mm & 16mm film and tag the content.

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    We Make Digital Transfer Simple & Safe!

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  • Reconnecting schools with alumni

    Reconnecting schools with alumni

    We help schools strengthen relationships with alumni, student body,
    families, communities, and prospective students.

  • Raise Money for your Library while Preserving the Memories of your Patrons

    Raise Money for your Library while Preserving the Memories of your Patrons

    We offer a fundraising program that provides libraries and other organizations an innovative and effective means to raise money, while also helping individuals preserve their personal memories.

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    Who should you trust?

    We Were Entrusted with Digitizing the U.S. Constitution and
    We Will Use the Same State of the Art Technology to Preserve Your Precious Memories

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    Stay Connected With Us

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We Transform Your Films, Media, And Documents Into Crystal Clear, Cinema Quality Digital Formats That Will Last Forever.


Our state of the art technology has allowed us to deliver high performance digitization of motion pictures for the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences, as well as some of the world's most important original documents contained in historical archives, including medieval manuscripts, the Declaration of Independence,
and the United States Constitution.

Through our unique technology, long time experience, and professional services, Digital Memory Media has become the premier digitization company, serving communities, businesses and families worldwide for over 15 years.



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Deterioration of Film Over Time

Unknown to many people is the fact that photographs and videotapes deteriorate. Due to the chemical makeup and development process of photographs through the years, deterioration of photos is expected.

Videotapes lose their magnetic signal over time as the binder that holds the magnetic particles to the polyester base decays. The friction between the VCR head and tape causes the quality and color to deteriorate, and the tape grows brittle and eventually breaks.

People are starting to realize this. It is no surprise that millions of people are contacting us to preserve their memories before they fade away.

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Watch Your Home Videos on Your Mobile Device

Imagine keeping historic moments and home videos at your fingertips, for viewing and sharing at any time. Keep your vintage masterpieces catalogued with your new photos all in one place, including your phone or tablet.

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Watertown Historical Society Presents New Digital Archive

Watertown Historical Society Presents New Digital Archive

Features over one century of newspapers, including 1947-2000 Town Times

By Jim Taylor

Published: Thursday, November 11, 2010 7:17 AM EST

watertown article pic

Watertown Historical Society Board Member Stephen Bartkus (left), Innovative Document Imaging President Marty Tannenbaum, Watertown Historical Society member R.J. Buckingham and Town Times Publisher Rudy Mazurosky stand in front of a screen displaying a digitized image of an issue of the Town Times. The Watertown Historical Society recently finished a fouryear, $40,000 project to store over one century of Watertown newspapers, 93 years of Watertown High School yearbooks and 11 historic Watertown scrapbooks in a digital, keywordsearchable form. The archive includes issues of the Town Times from 1947 until 2000 and can be found at or directly at

(Times Photo, Taylor)


Ever wondered when the Watertown Historical Society was founded? The answers to that question and more can be found within the Watertown Historical Society’s new digital archive, available on the society’s website, or directly at The answer, by the way, is May 23, 1945, as reported in the December 12, 1947, issue of the Town Times.

The historical society unveiled its new archive, which includes over one century of newspapers, 93 years of Watertown High School yearbooks and 11 historic Watertown scrapbooks, at an event on Monday, November 8, at the Watertown Public Library. The collection represents 3,150 newspaper issues, including the Watertown News, The Post, the Watertown Journal, the Post Boy, the Watertown Argus and of course, the Town Times, which represents the balance of the collection at 2,767 issues, from 1947 to 2000. The entire archive is keyword searchable using Optical Character Recognition software called “Digi-Find It.”

“The preservation, understanding and acknowledgement of local history is important to Watertown,” said Town Manager Chuck Frigon at the event. “There is not a day I do not look at the past for counsel when considering current policy. This is a wonderful undertaking by the Watertown Historical Society; kudos for bringing this resource to the people of Watertown.”

Stephen Bartkus, a board member of the Watertown Historical Society, was a driving force behind implementing the digital archive, stated that the project, which cost $40,000 and was funded by grants from organizations including the Woodward Foundation, the Connecticut Foundation and the Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation, was four years in the making.

“This wasn’t possible without them,” said Mr. Bartkus.

Mr. Bartkus stated the project was also not possible without the support and blessing of Rudy Mazurosky, current publisher of the Town Times.

“The Town Times has become the bible of Watertown for its local history,” Mr. Mazurosky said.

According to Mr. Mazurosky, when Mr. Bartkus first approached him with the idea for the digitization project in 2006, he thought it was “quite the undertaking,” but gave it his blessing.

“Now there is a way to have all the Town Times news on the web from its inception in December of 1947 until the present,” said Mr. Mazurosky.

The Watertown Historical Society’s digital archive currently hosts scans of issues from 1947 until 2000, while contains all Town Times news stories from 2001 until the present.

The idea for the digital archive was first formulated by Watertown Historical Society member R.J. Buckingham, who works for a company that maintains digital medical records, while he was attempting to research the history of his family for a book he was writing. As he was visiting libraries, looking at issues and scouring microfilm, he wondered why those resources couldn’t be made available online.

The newspapers, yearbooks and scrapbooks were digitized by Innovative Document Imaging (IDI), of East Brunswick, N.J. IDI utilizes 34 state-of-the-art scanners to record pages at 2,400 pages per minute. The company has previously done projects for over 50 New Jersey Libraries, three historical societies, the University of Connecticut and the city of New York.

We Digitized the Constitution of the United States

We Will Use the Same State of the Art Technology to Preserve Your Precious Memories

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    - Archives Manager Louie Fleck
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