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Conversion of Film to Digital Media

Digital Memory Media provides high quality, cost effective digitization for 8mm and 16mm film, whether it is a 3in, 5in, or 7in reel. We use the latest equipment and technology to provide you an efficient, high-quality digital media service. Our state of the art technology allows us to convert and index large quantities of film quickly and effectively.

Why Convert your Videos to Digital Media?

  • Viewing and sharing memories can be a hassle.

    • Having unlabeled film and no way to view them prevent you from enjoying your memories.
  • They're fading faster than you think.

    • Videotapes, film, and photos were never meant to last forever - chances are, they've already started degrading.
  • It's never been easier to digitize.

    • No need to label or organize any tapes, film, or photos. Send everything to us - we take care of all the work.
  • Discover memories you never knew you had.

    • Find amazing clips of family and friends you never knew existed - before it's too late.

How Our Services Work:

  • Prior to digitizing, each film reel is cleaned from start to finish using Anti-Stat Film Cleaner to remove and dirt or grime that has accumulated on the film over the many years since it was produced.
  • From there it is mounted onto our film capture device, which captures the entire reel, one frame at a time, to provide ultra smooth and crystal clear playback.
    • 16mm Film Capture Device – Sniper 16 HD
    • 8mm Film Capture Devices – Dual Video 8 Sniper HDL & Retro 8
  • Once digitized, the mov files are edited in our editing software where we color restore, crop, and edit all footage to give the customer an enjoyable and pleasurable viewing experience from start to end. All blank areas, jumpy areas, etc.are removed.
  • Most 8mm reels do not have sound. In a rare case that a reel does have sound, we cannot capture that sound from the reel. However, we are able to capture all sound off of any 16mm film that we digitize.

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