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Conversion of Floppy Disc and Super Disk to digital data

Digital Memory Media provides high quality, cost effective digitization for floppy discs and super disks. We use the latest scanning equipment and technology to provide you an efficient, high-quality imaging service. Our state of the art scanning technology allows us to scan and index large quantities of documents quickly and effectively.

Why convert your old disc to digital data?

  • All magnetic media degrades over time, including Floppy Discs and Super Disks.
  • We can transfer all of your old media to new optical CDs and DVDs for safekeeping.
  • Create backup copies for disaster recovery
  • Most likely you no longer own a computer that can even read a Floppy Disc, Super Disk, or Zip Disc anymore.
  • The longer you wait to have your media transferred the greater your chance of losing your information.

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