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Raise Money For Your Library
While Preserving The Memories Of Your Patrons

Digital Memory Media offers a fundraising program that provides libraries and other organizations with an innovative and
effective means to raise money, while also helping individuals preserve their personal memories.

DMM will host an event at your library to convert local communities' collections of old photographs, 8mm and
16mm films, slides,video tapes and every other media type into digital formats that will last forever.

Best of all, Digital Memory Media donates 20% of all proceeds to your organization.

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How It Works

  • + We provide everything your library needs to host the event, including press releases and event advertising.

  • + At the event, our trained staff will accept new orders and answer questions

  • + Orders can be tracked on DMM's order tracking system

  • + Original items are returned by courier directly to the patron along with DVD copies of their memories

  • + DMM donates 20% of all proceeds to your organization

Raise Funds For Your Library

"What a wonderful event for our library. Thank you so much for a beautiful job. So many people said they were happy to be reconnected to lost memories and were amazed with the quality of your work. You made it so easy and fun for everyone, I look forward to another event."


"Many thanks for the outstanding work on our local history project. Our documents from the 1700s and 1800s are very fragile, but you and your staff handled them with great care. These important papers are now preserved in archival sleeves and are digitized so that they can be kept and enjoyed by all.
Your professionalism and commitment to quality are much appreciated. Thanks again."


"I was very pleased and enjoyed very much participating in the seminar and tour the state-of-the-art facility held by Innovative Document Imaging/Digital Memory Media. It was absolutely fascinating to see how the digitization process works. Metuchen Public Library has already proposed a digitization and preservation project and scheduled a Digital Memory Media Day, a fundraising event, in March for people to digitize and preserve their treasured memories. We look forward to working with IDI collaboratively and making our digitization and preservation project successful."





Digital Memory Media Is The World Leader In Document
Scanning and Image Management

We are trusted with the world's most important historical content and are currently at the British Library in London, Huntington Museum, the Smithsonian US Air and Space Museum, the Philadelphia Library Company, the Pennsylvania Historical Society, the American Antiquarian Society, and the NY Historical Society.

We have digitized some of the world's most important original documents including medieval manuscripts,
the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.




Digital Memory Media's Library Fundraising program is a unique service that helps local communities keep
their histories alive. For more information, complete the fields below:
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